Dynamics CRM Mobile on your Smartphones & Tablets

We offer the best-in-class mobility solution for Microsoft Dynamics® CRM. Our mobile CRM software solution makes field sales, service and marketing professionals more efficient and effective. It puts your teams closer to customers and keeps them there. With powerful features for users, unique benefits for IT and unparalleled value for management, it’s the only mobile solution that truly meets the needs of today’s customer-agile company.

Flexible Microsoft Dynamics Mobile CRM Solution – Every Device, Best in Class

We chose to partner with CWR Mobility for their excellent repuation in customer service, their intuitive Mobile CRM interface and because they differentiate themselves from their competitors with an all inclusive solution that supports virtually every smart phone and portable businesss device on the market today.  

We offer flexible pricing on these Mobile CRM Solutions through our partnership.  Contact us for more information and mobile licensing options.

CWR Mobile CRM for Microsoft Dynamics Key Features:

  • Supports iPhone®, iPad®, BlackBerry®, Android™ , Windows® Phone mobile devices
  • Delivers familiar look and feel of Dynamics CRM as a native user experience
  • Provides powerful integration into native mobile device applications
  • Seamlessly integrates enterprise mobile CRM infrastructure into on-premise Dynamics CRM
  • Uses Flexible point-and-click configuration tools to adapt to changing business needs
  • Zero touch, on-the-fly upgrades via Dynamic Application Reconfiguration

CWR Mobile CRM 2011 provides your mobile professionals with access to their CRM data in the field, so they can complete all their critical CRM activities. Users can add leads, convert them to opportunities, add notes and activities, and close cases, whether they are online or completely online. They can communicate with the back office and gain instant access to their CRM data. They can work with the most up-to-date information, even in areas without Internet connectivity, and synchronize automatically with the office server as soon as they regain access.

One CWR Dynamics CRM Mobile 2011 installation works across all mobile platforms, so your team members can each use their device of choice. With the power of Microsoft Dynamics in the palms of their hands, your mobile professionals can be productive on their own devices and on their own terms.

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Works The Way Users Want It to Work

Unlike other solutions that provide a generic user experience across a few mobile platforms, CWR Mobile CRM 2011 delivers a native user experience customized to each mobile device. Users find a familiar, native application on their own device that embraces the rich interface and features of Dynamics CRM and makes the most of their device’s unique capabilities. The result is faster adoption rates, putting users closer to customers faster, reducing training costs, increasing CRM usage, and improving management insight into sales and service.

Rapidly deployed, easily managed, adaptive and cost effective

CWR Mobile CRM 2011 seamlessly integrates an enterprise-class mobile infrastructure into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM installation and can be easily added to any existing Dynamics CRM on-premise instance. Its server grid architecture provides enterprise scalability in even the most demanding IT environments.

Your CRM administrator can leverage the point-and-click configuration tools to define the application layout, views, forms and extensions, and then deploy it just once to simultaneously support all devices and platforms.

When new entities, views and forms are added, CWR Mobile CRM 2011 dynamically updates and configures all users’ mobile devices on the fly – no need to redeploy any software. Moreover, CWR Mobile CRM 2011 enables you to leverage all the investments in infrastructure and skills your organization has already made – no third-party tools or infrastructure are required.