bullet-sm AltiGen - A Unified VOIP Phone Solution Leveraging Your IT Infrastructure

VoIP Phone SystemBeringer Associates has partnered with AltiGen Communications to offer the award-winning AltiGen VoIP based business telephone system. Beringer offers comprehensive Altigen VoIP business phone systems and Microsoft-based Unified Communications solutions for businesses of all sizes.  We are certified Altigen Resellers in NJ, PA, and DE.

Advances in telephone system technology have revolutionized how businesses communicate internally and externally. New technologies offer increased productivity and efficiency as well as cost savings. Traditional analog, digital and key telephone systems have become obsolete with the convergence of voice and data networks. AltiGen has been delivering world class converged communications solutions since 1994. With more than 10,000 customers in over 20 countries around the globe, AltiGen has clearly established itself as a leading supplier of VoIP business phone systems (or IP PBX).

Whether your company is large or small, branch office or headquarters, single site or multiple offices, AltiGen has the right VoIP phone system for your business. AltiGen IP PBX systems have been designed to be robust, flexible, reliable and cost effective — and easily scale in both size and capability. Since the features are delivered as software, unlike proprietary hardware-based phone systems, you are in control, able to deploy exactly the features and applications your business requires.

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bullet-sm Altigen IP PBX Softswitch

Selecting a phone system is one of the most important decisions facing businesses today. It will not only determine a company's ability to leverage the applications and technology currently supporting their business, it also determines the complexity and cost of implementing new technologies in the future.

Traditional telephone systems have become obsolete with the convergence of voice and data and Voice over IP. AltiGen's IP PBX phone systems provide a communications foundation designed to improve the way you communicate today, with the flexibility to easily add more advanced capabilities as your business needs change.


bullet-sm Benefits of AltiGen's VoIP Technology

  • Concurrent support for legacy analog telephones and newer VoIP phones.
  • Easier Extension and multi-site administration.
  • More features and information available on VoIP phones vs. traditional phones
  • Consolidated infrastructure requirements resulting from the use of existing data networks.
  • Unified corporate appearance over multiple locations.
  • Reduced long distance toll charges through Voice over IP trunking.

AltiGen's all-in-one IP PBX phone systems include standard PBX functionality, a comprehensive voice mail system, call detail reporting, call recording on demand, and an advanced auto attendant. The system is easily scaled in both size and capability.

bullet-sm Altigen IP PBX Feature Set

  • Account Codes
  • Business Hours Profile
  • Busy or Ring No Answer Call Handling
  • Call Forwarding and Remote Call Forwarding
  • Call Park and Pick Up (Station)
  • Call Park and Pick Up (System)
  • Call Park Ring Back Identification to Operator
  • Call Restrictions
  • Caller ID
  • Caller ID Routing
  • Centrex Transfer
  • Conference Call (Station)
  • Conference Call (MeetMe)
  • Configurable Phone Display
  • Conversation Recording
  • Dialed Digit Translation
  • Dial Last Caller
  • Direct Inward Dial (DID)
  • Directory Name Announcement
  • Distinctive Call Waiting Tone
  • Distinctive Ringing
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Extension Activity Display and Greeting
  • Extension Based Feature Profile
  • FSK-based Message Waiting
  • Hands Free (dial tone mute) Mode
  • Hands Free (Intercom) Mode


  • Holiday Routing
  • Hop Off Calls over VoIP or T1/PRI Tie Trunks
  • Hunt Group
  • Individual and System Call Pick Up
  • Intercom Call
  • Line Park
  • Live Call Handling
  • Mobile Extension
  • Multiple Call Waiting with Personalized Greetings
  • Music on Hold
  • One Number Access
  • Operator Off-line
  • Out Call Routing Configuration
  • Outside Call Blocking
  • Paging (IP)
  • Paging (analog trunk or station port)
  • Paging (Audio-Out Port)
  • Personal Call Park and Pick Up
  • Single Call Waiting
  • Station Log In/Log Out
  • System and Station Speed Dial
  • System Backup and Restore
  • Transfer Caller to AltiGen Voice Mail System
  • Transfer Caller to AA
  • Virtual Extensions
  • Workgroup Call Pickup
  • Multi-lingual support

bullet-sm Altigen VoIP IP Phones

Bringing stylish form and functionality to the desktop, AltiGen VoIP phones make sophisticated features simple and intuitive to use. Users have single button access to voicemail, activity/presence selection, voicemail greeting selections, call recording, call conferencing, call transferring, and even placing calls to employees in other countries.

Phone displays are capable of displaying time, Caller ID name and number, real-time call center workgroup statistics, and do-not-disturb and call forwarding status.

You can personalize the VoIP phones with user-defined keys. These programmable keys can be setup for any combination of configurable features like, but not limited to, speed-dialing, extension busy/ringing appearances, call appearances, line appearances, and workgroup activity status.

Both phones come standard with 3rd party hands free headset support using AltiGen's dedicated headset answering button and amplified industry standard RJ9 and 2.5mm headset ports.

AltiGen also provides you with traditional and melodic ring tones which can also be assigned to call, line, and extension appearances on the programmable keys.


Altigen IP720 VoIP Telephone

The IP720 is an executive level IP phone with 15 programmable keys, speakerphone, intercom, intercom, busy lamp fields, and much more.

IP710 VoIP Phone

Download the Specs Sheet (PDF)

Altigen IP705 VoIP Telephone

The IP705 is AltiGen's entry level standard desktop IP phone with 5 programmable keys, speakerphone, and intercom.

IP705 VoIP Phone

Download the Specs Sheet (PDF)


bullet-sm Altigen Voicemail

Visual VoicemailEvery AltiGen system includes a powerful voicemail system designed expressly for the business user. With traditional phone systems, adding voicemail requires connecting a separate voicemail server or purchasing extra add-on cards. Built into every AltiGen phone system is the ability to create and manage 2,000 voicemail boxes. Our smallest system comes standard with 1,500 hours of message storage! AltiGen's feature packed voicemail has an advanced voice prompted user interface for simple management of our powerful capabilities.

bullet-sm Voicemail Message playback options include the ability to:

  • Delete
  • Replay
  • Save
  • Review
  • Forward
  • Reply
  • Skip
  • Rewind and fast-forward


bullet-sm Message delivery & notification options:

  • Urgent delivery
  • Schedule message for future delivery
  • Wake-up Call reminders
  • Sending, Forwarding and message return to individual boxes, distribution lists or broadcast messages.
  • New Message via e-mail, phone call, or pager.


bullet-sm Greetings

  • Ability to record multiple personal greetings
  • System can automatically choose greeting to play based on current presence setting.


bullet-sm Extension Management

  • Personal Greetings
  • Call Forwarding
  • One Number Access
  • Message Notification Options
  • Extension Passwords


bullet-sm eMail Forwarding

The AltiGen VoIP Phone System allows you to forward your voicemail to a user defined external email address.


bullet-sm Microsoft Exchange Server Integration

This feature allows for dynamic synchronization of mail between Microsoft Exchange server and AltiGen's VoIP Phone System so that deleted messages from one server are automatically deleted in the other server. Similarly, a new message sent to one server is transmitted to the other server. This way, the message can be accessed or deleted from either server. For example, when a voicemail is deleted from the AltiGen Phone System, it is automatically deleted from the Exchange server too.

bullet-sm Altigen Auto Attendant

Every time a customer calls your company, your company image is at stake. With the AltiGen VoIP phone system you can ensure the customer has the best experience every time. AltiGen's Auto Attendant answers and routes calls the way you want - 24 Hours a day, 365 days a year - without the intervention of a live operator.

AltiGen's VoIP phone system Auto Attendant, with unlimited menu level expansion, provides powerful, yet easy to use voice prompted menus for call handling and information collection. The Auto Attendant may be used as a primary interface for incoming calls in a caller directed, or IVR input data directed implementation.


bullet-sm Key features of the system include:

  • Automated call answering with Custom Greetings
  • Automated Directory with Dial by Name and Name Directory Service
  • Easy to set up Day, Night, Weekend and Holiday Modes
  • Customizable Music on Hold
  • Ability to route calls based on Calling Line, Caller ID and Digit Collection
  • Support for up to 255 different Auto Attendant menus
  • Powerful-scripted menu capability for call handling and information collection
  • Unlimited Programmable Sub-Level Menus enables callers to access specific departments or company information
  • Auto Attendants can operate as primary interfaces or as backups to receptionist or departments
  • Can be used in tandem with AltiGen's primary AltiConsole for robust call management
  • Permits interactive voice prompts which can be combined with AltiGen Partner and System Integrator applications for enhanced call routing
  • Functions as an Information Desk, to answer commonly asked questions through Information-Only or Message-Only mailboxes


bullet-sm Altigen Reports

AltiReport is a web-based reporting application that can generate up to 40 detailed CDR reports, including personalized reports according to agent, workgroup, and DNIS. A report summary and analysis is also available for each report.

Features AltiReport supports multiple users through unique login credentials. Each user can setup customized queries, maintain "favorite" reports, and setup automatic report delivery via email through customized schedules.

Agent Report

Alti Report Screen


  • Activity Event
  • Call Detail Report



  • Performance Summary
  • WG Calls and Direct Call Activity Summary Report
  • State Summary Report
  • WG Inbound Calls Summary Report
  • WG Outbound Calls Summary Report
  • Direct Calls Summary Report
  • Call Volume Analysis
  • Average WG Call Handling Time Analysis
  • % Contribution to each WG (Inbound/Outbound)
  • WG Call Handling Time Distribution

DNIS Report

Call Agent Report



  • Call Detail Report



  • Call Summary

Workgroup Report

Report Builder


  • Call Detail Report


  • Agent(s) State
  • Agent(s) Performance Summary
  • Agent Call Activity Summary with % Analysis
  • Agent Call/Time Contribution % Comparison
  • Inbound/Outbound Call Summary with % Analysis
  • Inbound Calls Wait Time Summary
  • Inbound Call Handling Summary
  • Outbound Call Handling Summary



  • Inbound Answered Call Wait Time
  • Inbound Abandoned Call Wait Time
  • Inbound Overflowed/Redirected Calls Wait Time
  • Inbound Calls Answering Time
  • Outbound Call Handling Time
  • Inbound Call Priority
  • Cumulative Inbound/Outbound Call
  • Cumulative Inbound Call Wait Time
  • Cumulative Inbound Call Handling
  • Cumulative Outbound Call Handling
  • Total & % Inbound Calls ANS/ABN/OFL
  • Total & % WG Inbound Calls in Queue
  • Average Call Handling Time
  • Total Outbound Calls
  • Total Outbound Calls Handling Time
  • Daily Max Number of Calls in Queue
  • Daily Longest Queue Time
  • Daily Real Time Service Level

bullet-sm Altigen Advanced Call Routing

Advanced Call Router For a customer, the ideal experience is reaching the right person who can help them as quickly and easily as possible. The AltiGen system allows employees to be grouped by skill to receive calls, and can recognize and route calls based on who is available to receive them.

While this capability is very advanced, the complexity is completely hidden from customers calling in, and the employees using the system. It allows your company to significantly reduce transaction times, increase transaction volumes and increase revenues associated with customer calls.

bullet-sm Calls Can be Automatically Routed Based Upon:

  • Caller ID- Can route based on partial or complete caller ID.
  • DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service) Use unique direct dial numbers to identify and route calls.
  • Digit Collection - Caller can be prompted to enter numbers, which are then collected and used for routing the call.
  • Schedule - Routes calls differently based on time of day.
  • IVR/Auto Attendant Selection AltiGen includes unlimited levels to allow a caller to select information and be routed accordingly.


bullet-sm Call Router

The Call Router is a call-handling tool for AltiGen VoIP phone systems that uses the AltiAdmin Auto Attendant and the Data Directed Routing (DDR) features to match incoming trunk call data against existing customer records that you build using the Basic Call Router GUI.


bullet-sm Advanced Call Router

The Advanced Call Router provides the added ability to use wildcard variables in defining route rules. In addition, it can also be integrated with a SQL database as the data source for the route rules.


bullet-sm Routing can be based on specific "IF-Then-Else" logic statements:

  • Caller ID
  • Caller Entered Digits
  • IVR Data
  • Form Data
  • DNIS

Advanced Call Router is also capable of informing callers of their position in a workgroup queue with its Queue Announcement feature built on algorithms of number of calls in queue and average wait time.