Beringer Technology Group’s IT Outsourcing Solutions Benefit Philadelphia Businesses

  • IT Managed Network & Support Services meet the needs of today’s businesses with full-scale or partial outsourcing options.
  • On-site, remote, and Help Desk support allows companies to promptly solve – and prevent – their IT issues.
  • Real-time monitoring and ongoing maintenance ensures your IT systems are operating at peak performance.
  • Solutions for managed backup and disaster recovery, and a unique Easy Spam Filter, strengthen technology security.

Beringer Technology Group provides complete IT outsourcing solutions that enable Philadelphia companies to more fully dedicate their resources to key business priorities, rather than to the responsibilities of IT management. With our complete range of IT Managed Network & Support Services, clients are able to select the type and level of service they require – from complete outsourcing of the IT department, to limited support to supplement the existing team.

As our Philadelphia clients quickly learn, Beringer’s focus is on the very best in customer service. Depending on your specific need, we can work with you on-site, via remote IT infrastructure monitoring, or through the 24/7 Help Desk. Our representatives are Certified Network Engineers, ready to respond to your requests through prompt ticket processing, remote computer screen access, and expert issue resolution. We also prepare monthly issue reports that help identify and avoid recurring problems.

Beringer’s Network Management services include real-time monitoring of your network and your server, making sure all systems are operating optimally, without any lapses in server or application availability. Through ongoing maintenance checks, including a monthly manual server review, Beringer can anticipate and address any potential system challenges. When the time comes to deploy patches to your servers, workstations, and laptops, we apply thorough testing to minimize software conflicts and keep your resources working seamlessly. Also available are additional system and device inventory, review, and management services to ensure a maximum return on your technology investments.

Our comprehensive approach to backup and disaster recovery planning means our Philadelphia clients rest easy knowing that their IT systems and data are secure in the event of any unforeseen challenges. A network attached storage (NAS) device installed at the client’s location facilitates daily backups uploaded for storage at Beringer’s data center. Client data is encrypted for security and monitored through our Network Operations Center, with precautions in place to keep your company operating even in times of natural disaster.

Another component of our IT outsourcing solution is the Easy Spam Filter, which provides both proactive and reactive content filtering, and combats malware. Our Hardware Device Web Filter enforces Internet usage policies, and our anti-malware technology prevents the harm caused by spyware, viruses, and malicious websites. With no hardware or software necessary, this service is user-friendly, with live technical support and the ability to better avoid future threats.

We are proud of the top-quality service we provide to clients in the Philadelphia area – and welcome the opportunity to discuss how your company can benefit from Beringer’s IT Managed Network & Support Services. We offer flexible solutions and fair pricing to meet your IT needs, with a commitment to total satisfaction backed by a 30-day trial period.

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Local on-site and Help Desk support available throughout the Philadelphia area, including Center City, Northeast Philadelphia, and the Main Line suburbs.